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Activities that reduce stress

Stress has become a common problem nowadays and is responsible for many physical and mental illnesses. Your work performance, relationships with others or even the quality of your individual life may be affected. More and more people face stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression and insomnia every day. There is no sure recipe for getting rid of stress, but there are many activities that significantly ...

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What is physiotherapy used for and what are its advantages?

  On the land of Ana Wellness & SPA you will discover an oasis of peace and deep relaxation, but you will be able to solve all your problems. We have created services for every need, made by real professionals, so that you can achieve a balance between mental and physical. Physical therapy is defined as movement therapy that preserves the quality of life and ...

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What are the benefits of weight loss massage?

Weight loss can be achieved by various means, the most popular being diets and exercise. These are quite demanding methods for the body, they are very hard diets, many of them with temporary results. But there is a solution that does not involve starvation or physical exertion. Massage is a means of body remodeling and weight loss, because it brings a multitude of benefits to the body. By helping ...

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Gift ideas for relaxation and health

The year 2020 has brought many changes and has been reflected in our health and mood. According to statistics, more and more Romanians are attracted to experience gifts. Being such a difficult year, people enjoy more beautiful moments than a material object. Because we are on the threshold of the holidays, we want to offer you some suggestions for perfect gifts for your loved ones. Everyday life ...

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What is a Hammam or Turkish Bath?

History has left us as a gift the most beautiful things that we interpret today or we want to reproduce exactly. Nowadays, well-being is a real concern and moments of relaxation are long awaited. Discover a multisensory experience with deep roots in the history of the pleasure of the senses! The hamam or Turkish bath is an ancient ritual characteristic of the culture of the Muslim world. It is ...

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Benefits of practicing yoga

Yoga is a hundreds of years old practice that aims to help you rediscover yourself and achieve a balance between body, mind and environment. It includes many techniques, breathing, meditation, relaxation and exercise that do not have a high degree of effort. Yoga is becoming more and more popular lately because it has multiple benefits that help us get over the hustle and bustle of everyday life. ...

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Couple activities. A day at the spa for two!

At Ana Wellness & SPA you enter the soothing realm of self-discovery. Located inside the Crowne Plaza Bucharest 4 * hotel, in the middle of the city, our spa is the place that gets rid of the urban bustle. When you step inside Ana Wellness & SPA, you will discover that you have arrived in a magical, stress-free world that will help you rediscover yourself and achieve a true state of ...

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Facial treatments for mature skin

Mature skin faces a lack of brightness. The skin begins to lose its vitality and the first signs of aging appear, wrinkles. Also, many people face dry skin and are looking to get that lifting effect, a bright and hydrated complexion. Skin care is very important and every woman should form a well-defined routine especially for mature skin. Facial treatments come to your aid when you want your skin ...

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The benefits of swimming for the mind and body

Swimming is a sporting activity for all the people who want to benefit from the infinite advantages for body and mind. The balance of the body can be maintained by movement, which is much more pleasant for many people in the water basin. Swimming is an attractive activity that will bring you a moment of relaxation while the body works continuously without feeling the intense effort. Muscle ...

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Why make your Aqua Gym subscription?

Aqua gym is an innovative way to practice sports for all. This type of exercise is taken from gymnastics and aerobics, being extremely effective in many ways for maintaining body health. Sport is aimed at all age groups and has become increasingly popular nowadays. If other types of physical activity involve intense effort, muscular fever and weight in performing all the movements, you can forget ...

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Get rid of stress with the help of "Pure Wellness" massages

The massage has many healing properties that will completely transform your hectic lifestyle. At present, daily activities have a negative effect on the body and mind. The modern man lives life in a dynamic rhythm, is surrounded by stress, problems and has difficulty sleeping. If you are going through this you must know that the relaxing massage has an incredible effect on you, it is a true art ...

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The importance of a personal trainer

The stress of everyday life can be easily eliminated when you enter the realm of absolute relaxation at Ana Wellnes & SPA. Movement should not be missing from your life in order to maintain the balance between physical and mental health. Fitness will help you to overcome yourself, reach your own goals and face the daily challenges. Your personal wellness plan can be fulfilled with the help of ...

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The benefits of float pod therapy

Floating therapy is an unforgettable experience that you can enjoy at Ana Wellness & Spa, the only spa in Romania where this service is available. Being an innovative procedure, the float will help you to free your body and mind, to relax deeply and to enjoy an intense moment of meditation. All these experiences and sensations are stimulated by Premium Epsom salt crystals (pure minerals, rich ...

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Wet sauna or dry sauna?

If you want to relax deeply and leave stress, worries and problems aside, the sauna is the perfect way to do this. With proven therapeutic effects, the sauna will release your body and mind to the everyday stress. Whether you go for for a dry or wet sauna, a minimum of 15 minutes is required to achieve considerable results. We suggest you complete a sauna session in the Frigidarium to improve ...

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Jogging: Running outside or in the gym?

Jogging is certainly an effective training method and has many benefits. When it comes to running you can opt for jogging on the tread mill or outdoors, but of course there are some differences. Whatever method of training you choose, you need to know that running helps to maintain a healthy body and prevent many diseases. Why is it good to do jogging? Jogging is perfect to maintain good mood ...

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