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Revitalize your mind, body and spirit in a five-star atmosphere, and unwind in the haven of peace that is Ana Wellness & Spa, meant to give your body and mind well-deserved relax moments. Our mission is about prevention, purification, relaxation, restoration, rejuvenation and fitness.


How many times have you heard that any unpleasant condition comes from stress? Stress has become a trivial, unresolved cause. Due to pressure regarding work, society and family responsibilities, stress affects our well-being and health.

We try to keep our balance in an insecure world, and we train our minds to support the body and vice versa. Wanting to help you maintain your well-being, we created DOJO, a class where you are expected to reconnect with yourself and regain control of your whole being.

At ANA Spa we were inspired to create this space of introspection starting from the Japanese term meaning "place of revelations" or "path" to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development. DOJO is a place where "senses are awakened."

DOJO is a space for yoga, Pilates, sports events, Hatha Yoga, breathing range, Personal Training or other types of events.



Yin Yoga
Andrei Stoiciu
18:3080 lei-20%
Swimming Lessons
Alin Artimon

9:00-12:009:00-12:00275 lei
Swimming Lessons
Daniel Parfenie
17:00-19:3017:00-20:309:00-12:009:00-12:00275 lei
Aqua Gym
Daniel Parfenie
80 lei

* The schedule for the swimming lessons may be subject to change.


If you love yoga, you know that it has several benefits for mind and body, as daily activities exhaust us both physically and mentally. We sometimes experience negativity, we can not rest, and this may happen on a daily basis.

Hatha Yoga is a yoga branch that focuses on poses (assane) and breathing exercises (pranayama), before meditation.

The term "hatha" can be translated in 2 ways: "determined and strong" and "the natural balance between the sun (ha) and the moon (tha)".

Practicing Hatha Yoga will balance the energies in your body, and you will escape stress and depression, toning your muscles, and correct your posture.

Beyond words, Hatha Yoga practiced under Andrei's guidance is a real spiritual experience that will help you escape problems and everyday stress.

Hatha Yoga at ANA Wellness & SPA Crowne Plaza Bucharest
Hatha Yoga
Cursuri de inot la ANA Wellness & SPA Crowne Plaza Bucuresti
Swimming Lessons by Alin Artimon & Daniel Parfenie

Swimming lessons

We are restarting the swimming lessons for both adults and children. Come perfect your style under the guidance of the national champion- Alin Aritmon, every Monday and Wednesday from 11:00. Swimming focuses on the body's muscle mass, the cardiovascular system, including all internal organs. It is an intense activity that burns many calories and has a low impact on bones and joints. Save your spot now!



Aqua Gym means water aerobics, is a complex sport that works for all muscle groups and is an excellent way to exercise without putting pressure on the spine, joints, or tendons. It is suitable for both men and women of all ages who want to keep fit with a healthy lifestyle.

The exercises practiced at Aqua Gym classes will help you tone your muscles, increase your mobility, strength and endurance by improving blood circulation. It also enables you to get rid of cellulite and adipose tissue. This sport is ideal for eliminating stress, relieving anxiety and improving psychomotor development.

To practice Aqua Gym classes you do not need to know how to swim, the water level in the pool does not exceed chest level.

Aqua Gym at ANA Wellness & SPA Crowne Plaza Bucharest
Aqua Gym with Daniel Parfenie

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