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Facial treatments for mature skin


Mature skin faces a lack of brightness. The skin begins to lose its vitality and the first signs of aging appear, wrinkles. Also, many people face dry skin and are looking to get that lifting effect, a bright and hydrated complexion. Skin care is very important and every woman should form a well-defined routine especially for mature skin. Facial treatments come to your aid when you want your skin to look healthy, enviable. It is recommended that you use such a service once a month if you want to maintain your skin health and its wonderful appearance. We present in this article what are the right treatments for a mature complexion! At Ana Wellness & SPA you will find many procedures that will help you to have a healthy, hydrated complexion and to remedy the appearance of fine lines.

Ingredients that help mature skin

As I mentioned earlier, a mature skin needs hydration and elasticity, because the skin no longer produces as much collagen and sebum as it once did. In order for these 2 objectives to be fulfilled, various techniques can be used and certain serums, creams or masks with special ingredients can be used. Hyaloronic acid is one of the ingredients that helps the skin to deeply hydrate, while fine wrinkles are relieved, obtaining a radiant and smooth complexion. Collagen is what needs to be supplemented to combat the first signs of aging. It manages to reduce wrinkles, leaves skin ultra-smooth and hydrated. To increase the elasticity of the skin, various manual massage techniques or various devices can be used to increase blood circulation to the skin. For this purpose, various scrubs can be used to eliminate dead cells, allowing the superficial layer of skin to regenerate. Any treatment based on these principles will help your skin regain its firmness.

Anti-aging treatments from Ana Wellness & SPA

Vitali'tea facial anti age is a treatment that aims to regain skin elasticity through multiple techniques that will stimulate blood circulation and regeneration. It combines a tea-based scrub with an exclusively manual massage. The ‘Ridoki’ massage instrument contributes to the absorption of the antioxidant Elixir with Four Teas, while the ‘Nouat naa’ stimulus device activates the microcirculation. At the end we continue the relaxation with a massage of the hands and feet. The duration of this treatment is 75 minutes.

Silicate infusion is a THALGO treatment that excels in correcting firmness losses and smoothing pronounced wrinkles. It involves an extremely effective anti-wrinkle massage and a professional mask, which erases wrinkles and restores skin radiance. The duration of the treatment is 90 minutes.

Botox line lift & refill is a natural anti-wrinkle treatment, specially created to treat mature skin. The muscles relax avoiding the appearance of fine lines, while the collagen secretion is stimulated, thus reducing the wrinkles caused by aging. Your skin will enjoy a pampering for 90 minutes.

Hyaluronic acid infusion is a treatment that corrects the pronounced wrinkles due to its exclusive massage and professional double masks. It is a concentrated anti-wrinkle solution in hyaluronic acid with high absorption. Your skin will look smoother and younger in one session, your whole skin will glow. The procedure takes 90 minutes.

Collagen infusion is intended to combat the first signs of aging. This unique professional treatment coats the skin with native marine collagen, whose original bioavailable molecules fill wrinkles and fine lines. The skin is intensely hydrated and the skin acquires a radiant appearance. The duration of treatment is 90 minutes.

Oxygenera therapy helps oxygenate and regenerate cells, providing immediate results with instant lifting effect, treats post-acne scars, pigment spots and evens out skin texture, successfully replacing injections with hyaluronic acid. The procedure is perfect for a mature complexion, without shine. Its duration is 90 minutes.


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