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Why make your Aqua Gym subscription? / Ana Wellness & SPA Crowne Plaza Bucharest

Why make your Aqua Gym subscription?


Aqua gym is an innovative way to practice sports for all. This type of exercise is taken from gymnastics and aerobics, being extremely effective in many ways for maintaining body health. Sport is aimed at all age groups and has become increasingly popular nowadays. If other types of physical activity involve intense effort, muscular fever and weight in performing all the movements, you can forget about all these things at the aqua gym. Think about how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and get rid of stress through this procedure. Read on to find out all the benefits of aqua gym!

Who is it for?

The Aqua Gym classes at Ana Wellness & SPA are held by a specialized trainer, being comforting, dynamic and recognized for their efficiency for all age groups, including pregnant women who cannot play other sports. This is possible due to the buoyancy phenomenon, whereby water can support most of the body weight, easing the movements. Thus, the movements are made easily by anyone, and the joints, tendons and spine are protected. At aqua qym you can think of muscle fever and overtraining. For the elderly it is important to know that water will help to better oxygenate the tissues, prevent varicose veins, water retention and the feeling of 'heavy legs'. A healthy life is known by practicing physical exercises that reduce the risk of illness.

Those who have problems with excess pounds will be able to find an efficient way to get rid of fat quickly and easily through water aerobics. Overweight people with difficulty moving on the ground will move easier in the water because it will make their body 30% easier than in reality. Aqua Gym is also intended for people who have problems with their joints and cannot play other sports, who want to play sports in a pleasant way and want to avoid shock in the fitness classes. Don't know how to swim? The aqua gym can be a first step in learning to swim and getting used to water, which makes it ideal for people who have this fear. For exercising water does not exceed the level of the chest.

Why subscribe to aqua gym?

- harmonious physical development
- improves muscle tone
- elimination of extra kilos
- It increases immunity
- socialization for both children and adults
- diversity of exercises and their increased efficiency
- improves the general balance of the body, coordination and mobility
- eliminate stress
- improves blood and lymphatic circulation
- does not cause muscle fever
- helps to treat certain conditions, such as: osteoarthritis, cervical, lumbar and dorsal spondylosis, post-operative pain, but also pre-operative pain, degenerative rheumatism
- fight cellulite

Experience the aqua gym sensation and become a member of Ana Wellness & SPA to benefit from discounts on all classes organized by our specialists! Find out what is the "path" to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development. With the help of these exercises you will leave behind the stress from the office or from everyday life and you will relax your body and mind.


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