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What is physiotherapy used for and what are its advantages?


On the land of Ana Wellness & SPA you will discover an oasis of peace and deep relaxation, but you will be able to solve all your problems. We have created services for every need, made by real professionals, so that you can achieve a balance between mental and physical. Physical therapy is defined as movement therapy that preserves the quality of life and health, being also intended to recover the patient's functional abilities. The most common problem among adults is muscle pain, which occurs due to work or lifestyle in general. In this sense, we have specially created massage services that aim to relieve muscle pain, contractures or chronic pain in all areas of the body. Also, our physiotherapist offers programs specific to any person, made following a complex evaluation and clear objectives. Read this article to find out the beneficial effects of physical therapy on the body.

Recovery of the patient's functional abilities

Most often physical therapy is performed for the purpose of medical recovery. The main goal is to restore the functions and abilities of the body that have been affected by trauma or disease. Whether it is a post-operative, post-traumatic recovery, following some diseases or ailments, the physiotherapy program starts from a complete and complex evaluation. Each patient is treated individually depending on their age, constitution, the condition they have, the type of activity they carry out, the stage of the disease and the existence of other conditions. Following the evaluation, a special program is made to meet the proposed objectives.

The benefits of physical therapy are multiple:

-correction of body posture and body alignment

- regaining muscle strength and maintaining muscle tone

- regaining or increasing joint mobility

- regaining coordination at the neuromotor level and balance

- regaining elasticity at the muscular level

-cardio-respiratory recovery

-improving and maintaining the capacity of effort

-increasing physical and mental comfort

-promoting relaxation- analgesic therapy (against pain)

Pain relief

As mentioned in the introduction, the most common problem among adults is pain in different areas of the body. This is noticeable for people who work in the office, who spend a lot of time standing or are forced to constantly lift weights. Also, athletes are those who face muscle contractions and that is why constant physical therapy is needed to restore well-being. Massage is a technique that can relieve pain very effectively. At Ana Wellness & SPA you will discover 5 types of massage for various areas of the body. Deep tissue as the name suggests, is a form of therapy that manages to reach the deep muscle layers to relieve pain and strong contractions. The massage involves applying firm pressure combined with light strokes to reach deep. Over time, it treats pain in the cervical, lumbar and lower leg.

Back pain massage is ideal for people with a hectic lifestyle. The treatment involves massage techniques at the muscle level (sustained pressure, kneading) and stretching movements specific to the Thai tradition. The result is the release of pressure from the joints of the back and legs, to generate a complete state of well-being, relaxed. Cervical massage is the main type of massage recommended to relieve the symptoms of spondylosis. Except for this condition, this type of massage is used in many cases, from fatigue to temporary pain in the neck, shoulders, arms and upper back.

HEAD & NECK massage is intended for releasing negative emotions and relaxing the rigid positions learned in office life. It relieves headaches, eye pain, accumulated tension in the cervical spine, muscle pain, insomnia and circulatory disorders. At the same time, the massage induces a state of relaxation, calm and acceptance. Intuitive massage is a holistic massage, the therapist freely combining various therapeutic massage techniques (energetic, relaxing, deep, invigorating) to facilitate the release of energy blockages. The therapist's intuition, along with your condition at that time, facilitates the location of blockages. You will enjoy a form of therapy adapted to your unique needs!


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