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The benefits of float pod therapy / Ana Wellness & SPA Crowne Plaza Bucharest

The benefits of float pod therapy


Floating therapy is an unforgettable experience that you can enjoy at Ana Wellness & Spa, the only spa in Romania where this service is available. Being an innovative procedure, the float will help you to free your body and mind, to relax deeply and to enjoy an intense moment of meditation. All these experiences and sensations are stimulated by Premium Epsom salt crystals (pure minerals, rich in magnesium and sulphate) whose health benefits have been scientifically proven. This natural therapy offers a solution to a major problem nowadays: stress that is the cause of many physical problems. If you feel the need for a release you must know that floating therapy is relaxing, fun and innovative!


Lying on the back in a floating bridge filled with water at body temperature and infused with 1,200 lbs of Epsom pharmaceutical salt you float effortlessly, experiencing zero gravity. Epsom salt is a natural mineral ingredient composed of magnesium and sulphate, both very well absorbed by the skin which acts as an exfoliant, being beneficial for the skin, nails and hair. With the help of this ingredient, joint pain is diminished, as well as stress, and the body enters a state of deep relaxation by floating. The salt contributes to the prevention of inflammation in the muscles and joints, the treatment of sprains and the reduction of muscle fever.
Floating is as safe as possible, so you can enjoy even a deep sleep. By floating, you will be able to relax your entire muscles and, due to the position, your spine will stretch and you will benefit from a regeneration process of the whole body. An hour of zero gravity will reduce the hormone cortisol, for which stress is responsible. In addition, the water temperature is the same as that of the body, which will make you feel like floating on a cloud.

The benefits of floating

Float therapy offers the possibility to people suffering from hypertension, ulcers, heart problems and many other conditions to recover, because by reducing stress is eliminated the cause of such problems. Even mental problems or depression can be alleviated by floating therapy! This extremely relaxing, natural method, with therapeutic effects, can be an alternative to expensive pills or treatments that often don't work.


A float session lasts about 60 minutes and for the first experiences with this new procedure it can be said that the initial sessions are accommodating. If you want you can keep the lid open if you do not feel comfortable with total peace and a closed space. Inside the float you can turn on the colored lights and start the easy relaxing music, or you can take advantage of a deep mediation in total peace. Before you decide to follow the therapy at a SPA center, avoid with 10 hours before shaving to prevent

irritating the skin due to the high salt content. Also avoid caffeine and tobacco before floating and eat a light meal at least 2 hours before.
Before entering the float tube itself, it is advisable to take a shower and equip yourself with the ear plugs included. At Ana Wellness & Spa you will have some help from our experts who will guide you through the whole procedure.


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