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Get rid of stress with the help of

Get rid of stress with the help of "Pure Wellness" massages


The massage has many healing properties that will completely transform your hectic lifestyle. At present, daily activities have a negative effect on the body and mind. The modern man lives life in a dynamic rhythm, is surrounded by stress, problems and has difficulty sleeping. If you are going through this you must know that the relaxing massage has an incredible effect on you, it is a true art that involves manual techniques to improve blood circulation, eliminate anxiety, improve sleep, reduce tension and envelop the body in a state of deep relaxation.

Types of massage - massage for relaxation

I created a space that is as refined as it is soothing. Revitalize your body, mind and spirit in a five-star atmosphere, and relax in the peaceful universe of ANA Wellness & SPA. The variety of treatments is oriental, European inspired and has a holistic approach, bringing together the virtues of the ancient healing arts. Aromazen is an ideal massage for body relaxation that combines different techniques for a balance between body and mind. It lasts 50-75 minutes and involves precise, firm and enveloping movements, centered on emotional tension. Ballinesse massage has benefits such as: stimulating blood circulation, strengthening the body's immune system and maintaining mental balance. Ballinesse stimulates the energy points of the body, working on the 12 meridians by alternating between delicate and deep movements. Thus, the voltage zones disappear and the stagnant energy is eliminated from the body.

If you live a hectic life and suffer from a state of constant stress and stress, thermotherapy is the solution for you. The hot stone massage will relax you and you will feel much better after performing it. This type of massage is an ancestral form of thermotherapy that penetrates to the muscle depth through heated volcanic stones. The 75-minute session begins with a Swedish Massage that will relax you and prepare you for the hot stones. Revitalising Massage is a treatment for muscles and joints, borrowed from the Thai tradition to relax your back and feet deeply. It is a unitary treatment that involves massage techniques at the muscular level (sustained pressure, kneading) and stretching movements, thus allowing you to feel calm, zen and truly multicultural!

Massage with therapeutic effect

The massage can also have a therapeutic effect for the treatment and prophylaxis of various conditions in the respiratory system, the muscular, bone, joint, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Regularly applied, massage relieves chronic pain, especially in the spine and muscle contracts. At Ana Wellness & SPA we have 3 different types of massage for your therapeutic needs: Deep Tissue, Reflexotherapy and Therapeutic Massage.

Deep Tissue is a therapeutic massage that aims to treat chronic pain, reaching the depths of the muscles. For this type of massage a firm pressure is used combined with light strokes. The pain or contractures found in the cervical, lumbar and lower leg can be treated with this massage. Reflexotherapy is a special technique that can involve various instruments or can be performed exclusively manually. Based on the activity of the devices in the body and the relationship between certain skin areas, the treatment helps to prevent and treat various conditions. Therapeutic massage is a personalized service that is performed after an evaluation. Depending on your affections, the most effective form of massage will be applied to you.

Benefits of relaxation treatments

-reducing stress
-stimulation of metabolism
-the restoration of the sense of inner harmony
-lifting the general tone of the body
-improvement of blood circulation
-stimulation of the immune system
-improvement of mood
-prevention of different types of nervous diseases
-reduction of muscle tension
-balancing the musculoskeletal system


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