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Revitalize your mind, body and spirit in a five-star atmosphere, and unwind in the haven of peace that is Ana Wellness & Spa, meant to give your body and mind well-deserved relax moments. Our mission is about prevention, purification, relaxation, restoration, rejuvenation and fitness.

Wellness & SPA

Wellness is a way of life for those who are searching for balance between the body and mind, and the best balance can be found in a Spa.

The Spa is considered the perfect place for regeneration and relaxation. Every time we say this word, our mind forgets about the daily restlessness, we step into a state where we are letting ourselves be enchanted by the effects of this refreshing experience and we achieve a great state of mind.

The Spa is the place where we get pampered, we heal our body and we regain our inner peace. From the old therapies, millennials, and till the luxurious, modern ones, the spas represented oasis of calm where you will always be the center of attention.



Is your sleep restful? Although you might sleep 7-8 hours every night, you might still feel tired and without energy when you wake up. Does your office position give you pain and persistent muscle contractions?

We all go through such issues. Lack of rest, effective sleep can lead to physical and mental imbalances or even severe illnesses.

We are attentive to your comfort. That's why we indulge you with a floating therapy as a remedy for health and mind.

Float at ANA Wellness & SPA Crowne Plaza Bucharest

ANA Spa offers you the floating experience as a natural therapy for regeneration and pain management. Lying down in a floating pod filled with body temperature water and infused with Epson pharmaceutical salt you float effortlessly as if you were in a gravity-free space. You will experience a divine sensation when tension and pain disappear as if by magic. The spine stretches and strengthens, while the body goes through a rapid regeneration process because it reduces the level of cortisol that is responsible for stress and initiates detoxification.

These feelings and sensations are stimulated by Epson Premium salt crystals (pure minerals, rich in magnesium and sulfate) whose health benefits have been scientifically proven.

This therapy calms your nervous system, reduces anxiety and stimulates digestion. It is a real adjunct for those with chronic muscle pain, diabetes and hypertension.

One hour of floating is the equivalent of 8 hours of restful sleep. You will end up rested, relaxed but full of energy.

Read our recommendations before performing the floating therapy.

30 min: 100 lei 60 min: 165 lei 90 min: 255 lei


How many of us don't feel tired, caught up in our daily routine? We have the feeling that with each passing day, it becomes more and more accentuated, it deepens more and more.

How many of us know what huge benefits the hamam brings for maintaining a state of well-being, for relaxing our body and mind?

At ANA Spa you can discover the true feeling of well-being and pampering of the hamam, taking advantage of the warm temperature and humidity that takes you in a state of divine relaxation. At the same time, you can choose a wet sauna, a dry sauna and a Frigidarium, which stimulates your circulation, detoxifies your body and calms your mind.

Hamam at ANA Wellness & SPA Crowne Plaza Bucharest
Indoor pool at ANA Wellness & SPA Crowne Plaza Bucharest


Swimming is a lifestyle and the benefits of practicing it are well known, both for the body and for relaxing the mind. Whether you practice it as a performance sport or for recreation, swimming ensures your general well-being.

The indoor pool is an oasis of peace and relaxation in all seasons, with panoramic views of the outdoor garden and the Jacuzzi area. The water's controlled temperature, the fresh and cool air and the sunbeds available around the pool make this space our members’ favourite!


Dry sauna is a thermotherapy procedure for the whole body and has been used for thousands of years for healing, social and spiritual purposes.

It is the ideal time to leave your worries behind and relax your body, energizing your soul. If you need a stimulant to lose weight, dry sauna is ideal because it increases metabolism and stimulates detoxification.

It also intensifies blood circulation, improving the cardiovascular system and immune system, to be protected from infections and colds.

Deep detoxification will give you a bright, younger and supple appearance to the skin, being ideal in the anti-aging process. In addition, you will notice improvements in sleep and also in dealing with stressful situations. Our suggestion is to complete a sauna session with a cold shower or in the Frigidarium, to improve your blood circulation, eliminate toxins and strengthen your immunity.

16:00 - 22:00 (can be opened outside this program on request)
Dry sauna at ANA Wellness & SPA Crowne Plaza Bucharest


Used since the Roman ages, this ice bath represents a miraculous touch, not only for the skin, but for the entire body. Used alternatively with the wet or dry sauna, this bath improves blood circulation, accelerates muscle recovery after effort and reduces inflammations. In addition, the skin softens and gains an excellent tone.


Relaxing outdoors, feeling the fir trees' smell and watching the blue sky seems something doable only on weekends and holidays, something you need to prepare in advance.

At ANA Spa we have created the fresh mountain atmosphere right in our outdoor garden. Here you can relax in the Jacuzzi, where time becomes relative and the tension, and worries seem to melt. Fir trees will accompany you in this ritual of relaxation and water healing that you will adore.

M - F: 16:30 - 21:00 Weekend: 12:00 - 21:00
Outdoor jacuzzi at ANA Wellness & SPA Crowne Plaza Bucharest


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