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"Silhouette" Massage

Silhouette massages are specially designed to have a first-class body remodelling experience. If you long for velvety skin, you want to reduce the appearance of orange peel and deep cellulite, eliminate toxins and reduce weight, our treatments are all you need to love every inch of your body.

Celluli'Tea Massage

This treatment is very effective and has a precise purpose - toning and weight loss by removing excess water and toxins retained in the tissues. You will feel a light body sensation, swollen legs and no pain. This way you will get rid of the retention of fluids in the legs and you will notice the decrease of cellulite. Body remodelling by anti-cellulite massage improves blood circulation and activates the venous system, effectively eliminating metabolic residues accumulated in the cell. You will have an improvement in the elasticity and tonicity of the skin and subcutaneous tissues due to local lymphatic drainage.

50 min: 200 lei 75 min: 270 lei
Celluli'tea Massage
Honey Massage

Massage with Honey

Isn't this treatment the ultimate treat for you and your skin? This is exactly what we think about the benefits of honey, especially for the skin. Honey is an excellent natural exfoliant and intensely moisturizes the skin, being an effective antioxidant against free radicals and pollution. Through its antibacterial properties and active enzymes, it helps maintain the glow of the skin. It has a firming and anti-aging effect through the Vitamin B, calcium, zinc, potassium and iron, being extremely useful in maintaining the skin dry and fresh, with no excess sebum. Honey massage comes to empty the sebaceous glands and sweat from the waste accumulated in them, with visible effects in reducing weight or eliminating cellulite. Your skin breathes health!

75 min: 225 lei

Energy Body Scrub with Bamboo

Do you long after a soft, smooth, firm and velvety skin that radiates health? This treatment, vigorous and stimulating, is all you need. In addition, the delicious exfoliant is made with a gourmet mix of apricot kernel oil, shea butter, bamboo powder and an elixir that removes dead cells and leaves the skin smooth and glowing. Used in conjunction with anti-cellulite massage, it has visible effects on the skin firmness, improving peripheral circulation and reducing the appearance of orange peel.

30 min: 135 lei
Energizing body scrub with bamboo

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