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Pure Wellness Massage

The Pure Wellness portfolio provides you a series of deep relaxation massages, for a state of well-being, releasing any physical and mental tension. They are meant to ensure a radiant skin by improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.


Aromazen massage is the perfect choice to get rid of daily stress and relax physically and mentally as it improves your blood circulation. Massage increases the level of positive hormonal endorphins and serotonin which enhances relaxation.

The light but precise smoothing and rubbing movements will balance the energy of your body and mind and will ensure a better oxygenation of your body.

50 min: 235 lei 75 min: 320 lei
Aromazen Massage
Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones

This massage with volcanic stones combines the relaxation of aromazen massage with the benefits of thermotherapy, and you will feel its benefits in the depth of the muscle. You will feel your muscles relaxed and thus your blood circulation will be stimulated. Get ready to improve your mood and feel energized.

In addition to these benefits, warm stone massage will balance your body's energies, relieve you of stress and tension, and relieve your joint or rheumatic pain. Prepare to improve your posture and feel energized.

75 min: 320 lei

Mommy to be massage

This divine massage is special for you, as a future mother, starting with the second trimester of pregnancy. It will improve your blood circulation and relax your back and legs to support the load more easily. By increasing the level of dopamine and serotonin you will feel a much desired well-being, and by decreasing the level of cortisol you will get rid of stress and enjoy the odyssey. The fetus will also indirectly benefit from this massage, through a better oxygenation of the blood that nourishes it. It is a gentle, comforting and toning treatment; we only use fragrance-free oil.

50 min: 265 lei
Mommy To Be Massage

Reflex Therapy

Reflexology is a special massage technique. It rebalances the body, eliminates toxins and unblocks the energy circuit in the body by treating diseases of different organs by stimulating specific points on the surface of the skin. You will feel a state of relief by massaging these key points until the disappearance of local pain and granulations under the skin. These manoeuvres improve blood and lymphatic circulation, obtaining even the normalization of the function of the organ to which the massaged point corresponds.

50 min: 235 lei

Candle massage

Massage with special candles is a sensational treat for your senses. It will relax and calm your mind in a ritual of mindfulness that you will adore. This massage combines the magical effect of pure and natural essential oils captured in the candle wax with light movements, which take the experience of relaxation to another level. The oils will deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, improving its elasticity and appearance. Your skin will radiate health and you will smile through every pore!

50 min: 285 lei 75 min: 345 lei
Candle massage

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