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Couple's Massage


Couple Massage

If you share family responsibilities with your partner, why not indulge in a massage together? When was the last time you had a moment of pampering for two? Maybe you both had a busier, more tense period of accumulated fatigue and stress. Maybe you are parents and miss spending time as a couple. A deep and comforting sensory experience, such as a massage for two will balance the energies between you, it will be a precious time to find and pay mutual attention. It takes two to tango. So does relaxation.

Follow Me Massage

Follow Me massage is the perfect choice for both of you to enjoy the magic of massage, a physical and mental relaxation. In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you will both discover well-being. Light but precise smoothing and rubbing movements along with breathing exercises will balance your body and mind energy and ensure better oxygenation of your body.

50 min: 395 lei 75 min: 515 lei
Follow Me Massage
Bonny & Clyde Massage

Bonnie and Clyde Massage

This massage combines firm pressure with light massage movements to reach the deep muscle layers. This duo of massage techniques and rhythms is famous in treating chronic pain and contractures found in the cervical and lumbar area, as well as in the lower leg.

Due to a bad posture during office hours or sitting in traffic for a long time, neck or lower back pain affects your well-being, making you feel permanently tired and moody. You get home exhausted, and you can't seem to enjoy the presence of your spouse anymore.

You should know that you can alleviate the discomfort with this type of special, therapeutic and intuitive massage that customizes the movements according to the affected area. A mix of techniques designed to unlock even the most stubborn energy blockages.

Remember how good it feels to relax?

50 min: 445 lei 75 min: 585 lei

Eve's Temptation

Get ready for a body-mind harmonization, recognition and exploration of your body by activating vital points, in the presence of your beloved one. A sensual combination of gentle stretching techniques and light movements will balance your body and mind's energy and stimulate the flow of chi.

You will feel each other as you step into the paradise of a sensory dream, dedicated to the pleasures of the senses.

75 min: 585 lei
Eve's Temptation Massage
Romeo and Juliet Massage

Romeo and Juliet

This massage with special candles is a sensational treat for your senses. It relaxes and calms your mind in a ritual of mindfulness that you will adore.

This massage combines the magical effect of pure and natural essential oils captured in warm wax drops with light movements, which take the experience of relaxation to the next level.

The oils will deeply nourish and hydrate your skin, improving its elasticity and appearance.

Your skin will smell divine and radiate health. You could be the couple smiling through every pore!

50 min: 445 lei 75 min: 585 lei

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