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Face treatments

As the elixir of youth has not yet been discovered so that skin would remain smooth and healthy at all times, we need professional facial treatments that fight against the passage of time. At ANA Spa you can find facial treatments that restore your well-being, smile and especially your confidence.

Thalgo Source Marine

Thalgo Source Marine

Is your skin dehydrated? Do you feel that no matter how many creams you might use, your skin is not hydrated enough? Pamper your skin with a complex moisturizing - remineralizing treatment, with seawater rich in trace elements and seaweed extract with intense moisturizing effect.

Your skin will benefit from a treatment based on products containing seaweed extracts, it will be deeply hydrated, becoming firmer and brighter and the wrinkles will fade.

90 min: 325 lei

Thalgo MEN

Men also need to prevent the signs of ageing caused by sun, wind, frost or pollution and keep their skin hydrated.

Therefore, you are welcome at ANA Spa to be pampered with a complex moisturizing - remineralizing treatment. Seawater rich in trace elements and seaweed extract have an intense moisturizing effect, and your skin ends up looking radiant and healthier. Moreover, you will be pampered in an oasis of relaxation that will remove stress and bring you back to a good mood. (It is recommended for mature skin)

90 min: 345 lei
Thalgo Men
Collagen infusion

Collagen infusion

Have you ever wondered why some women never seem to grow old? Time passes, apparently without leaving marks on their impeccable skin.

Skin might look younger and brighter if given the care it needs, feeding it with natural, professional active principles to prevent dehydration and ageing.

It might seem as a well-hidden secret, until you try the benefits of this unique professional treatment, which coats your skin with native marine collagen. The original bioavailable molecules fill wrinkles and fine lines leaving the skin elastic, bright and restoring the symmetry of the face. Thalgo Collagen contains seaweed collagen extract and other natural ingredients.

90 min: 360 lei

Hyaluron infusion

What have you been doing lately to help your skin? We know how busy you are and how hard it is to keep a routine at home. Unfortunately, time leaves its mark, and the skin begins to wrinkle. But how many of your wrinkles come from happy moments?

This treatment completes and corrects the pronounced wrinkles through an exclusive magic massage and a professional double mask.

Your skin looks and feels younger, firmer and smoother after a single session. This complexion gives you that glow effect as if you’d be a diva on the red carpet, and the lifting effect lasts longer.

90 min: 385 lei
Hyaluron infusion
Silicate infusion

Silicate infusion

Even if you sometimes fail in taking care of yourself regularly, but still want your mature skin to look rejuvenated and enjoy life, ANA Spa is here to offer you a high-performance anti-wrinkle treatment.

The products used, combined with exclusive massage sessions will hydrate and stretch your skin to become brighter and firmer. After such treatment, no pronounced wrinkle remains unimproved.

90 min: 385 lei

Regul-oil line

Do oily skin and acne still rob you of your well-being and self-confidence? You see so many clean and bright faces every day, you wonder what you are doing wrong, and you would like to be proud of your look again.

This treatment is specially designed to treat oily and acne-prone skin. You will get glowing and radiant skin with a healthy appearance by reducing sebum secretion. The therapy is designed for oily, acne-prone skin. It is a unisex treatment that can be administered at any age after 18.

90 min: 325 lei
Botox Line Regul-Oil
Botox Line Lift & Refill

Botox line lift & refill

Are you dreaming about getting rid of deep wrinkles and preventing new ones from appearing? They seem to appear overnight, and a simple cream can no longer cope. Who says ageing must leave its mark?

We have a special solution for your mature skin, a natural treatment against wrinkles.

Massaging this special cream relaxes the muscles and stimulates collagen's secretion to have smooth, radiant skin, to look and feel young and full of life.

90 min: 325 lei

Anti-age facial "Vitali'tea"

Have you noticed how your skin retains dissatisfaction and disappointments in your everyday life? You get to be gloomy, the smile line goes down, and you end up seeming upset.

It would be a blast to relax and be spoiled with a unique magical treatment. And we have it for you!

Imagine how you might sit relaxed in our resort, away from everyday worries. We will manually apply a delicate scrub that prepares your skin to receive the best anti-wrinkle ingredients. When your skin is clean, you will benefit from a ‘Ridoki’ massage to facilitate the absorption of the antioxidants from our creams, and the ‘Nouat naa’ stimulation device will activate your microcirculation.

You will feel how facial tension is eliminated, wrinkles are diminished with your skin looking smoother.

75 min: 270 lei
Massage Vitali'tea
quench facial moisturizer

"Quench" facial moisturiser

The skin is most exposed to environmental factors - sun, wind, cold, pollution. But it also reflects our inner experiences and feelings. It’s like a business card that bears the imprint of the passage of time if we do not regularly take care of it.

A facial treatment for hydration is absolutely necessary, it is the basis of a healthy complexion. Then, the relaxation transfers to the arms. Thus we initiate the regeneration of tense and dehydrated skin due to environmental factors. Your skin is intensely hydrated, nourished and invigorated. And you radiate because every muscle of the face is completely relaxed!

50 min: 225 lei

Facial express

Do you enjoy feeling fresh through each pore? It primarily means health, relaxation and youth.

If you want your skin to feel this joy too, choose a quick facial massage that refreshes the entire skin. It's like a spring mist bathing your face in natural light.

The treatment starts with a cleansing that feels very fresh. Then, the gentle exfoliation with the help of steam opens the window for the natural ingredients. We apply a hydrating face mask and we continue the massage to the arms for a welcome relaxation. You will feel invigorated, with a brighter complexion, by activating blood circulation and deep oxygenation.

25 min: 105 lei
Facial Express


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