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Wellness Rituals


Wellness Rituals

Fusion Ceremony

A pampering cocktail for your body and soul. It begins with a shot of bamboo massage to lighten the bones and relieve the tension in your back. Then, you add a dash of a facial treatment that will put a smile on your face. In the end, you can garnish it with a bit of Thai stretching focused on the inferior part of your body and, especially, those tired and heavy legs. Cheers to Wellness!

75 min: 320 lei
Fusion Ceremony Massage
Body Restoration Massage

Body Restoration Ritual 90'

The ritual is a delight for all your senses! It combines two or more techniques to bring you in a state of total relaxation. The experience is customized to the individual's needs and demands, offering the therapist the freedom to use his or her skills and creativity for 90 long minutes.

90 min: 320 lei

Themes Signature Ceremony

This head-to-toe treatment combines a thorough body massage with a facial treatment focused on cleansing and hydrating the skin. A facial mask is applied while we perform a leg massage. This treatment will result in a fresh complexion and a relaxed body.

75 min: 300 lei
Themes Signature Ceremony
Oriental Journey – Signature Ritual 90'

Oriental Journey – Signature Ritual

Embark on a fascinating journey to discover Orients' most treasured beauty secrets. Let your body be purified by the alumn stone and adorned by the delicate touch of the shea butter. Meanwhile, your face will be cleaned according to oriental tradition and pampered by a 100% natural clay coming from the Atlas Mountains. An intense remineralizing, relaxing and detoxifying session.

90 min: 300 lei

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