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"Pure Wellness" Massage


A unique multicultural massage that combines Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian techniques in order to harmonize the energies and eliminate body fatigue. The movements are precise and firm, but nevertheless embracing and centered on restoring the emotional balance.

50 min: 190 lei 75 min: 250 lei
Aromazen Massage
Ballinesse Massage


A flowing head-to-toe massage infused with invigorating Balinese techniques that will release stress and restore balance along the 12 Yin Meridians of your body. Energetically paced, the massage encourages the body to sync up with your mind and soul.

50 min: 250 lei

Head and Feet

A unique blend of massage therapy techniques designed specifically for stress reduction and relaxation. It aims to improve body awareness and loosen the muscles made sore by bad posture adopted from a 9-to-6 desk life.

50 min: 190 lei
Head and Feet Massage
Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones

The hot stone massage is an ancestral form of thermotherapy using smooth volcanic mineral stones designed to heat and relax the muscles. It starts with a traditional Swedish massage followed by the placement of stones onto specific areas of your body. Along the spine, in the palms of your hands or on your belly.

75 min: 250 lei

Thai Table Massage

The Thai Table is a massage performed without the use of oils, with movements that cover reflexology, stretching, and stimulation of vital points on the body. Dress in light clothing and just let your mind harmonize with your body.

50 min: 220 lei
Thai Table Massage
Revitalising Massage

Revitalising Massage

Back Massage / Back and Legs

A restorative massage using deep muscular techniques (sustained pressure and kneading) and Thai-inspired stretching movements that will relieve the pressure accumulated around the joints. It targets the tension in the legs and back while promoting health and wellbeing.

25 min: 119 lei 50 min: 220 lei

Mommy to be massage

You have reached your second trimester and the pains are already making an entrance. Try this gentle, soothing massage to improve your blood circulation and ease the muscular aches and tension around the legs and back. Congratulations, you are almost there!

50 min: 220 lei
Mommy To Be Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue

A well-known type of massage therapy, the deep tissue massage applies firm pressure techniques and slow strokes in order to reach the deeper layers of the muscle and the fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles). It is used for chronic aches along your upper and low back areas, the stiff neck and the leg muscles.

50 min: 220 lei 75 min: 300 lei

Pamper Your "Sole"

'The smile takes root in your feet', says an old saying. Your pampering begins with a massage fully dedicated to your 'soles'. The reflexotherapy techniques involved here will activate the body circulation, alleviate the sensation of heaviness in your body, and eliminate accumulated toxins.

50 min: 190 lei

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