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Wet sauna or dry sauna?


If you want to relax deeply and leave stress, worries and problems aside, the sauna is the perfect way to do this. With proven therapeutic effects, the sauna will release your body and mind to the everyday stress. Whether you go for for a dry or wet sauna, a minimum of 15 minutes is required to achieve considerable results. We suggest you complete a sauna session in the Frigidarium to improve your blood circulation, eliminate toxins and strengthen immunity. Find out in this article what are the benefits of the sauna and the differences between the two variants!

Dry sauna

The Finnish dry sauna has a wooden structure and the heat is emitted by a stove containing volcanic stones, reaching high temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is maintained between 5% and 20%. When using the sauna you can control the humidity and temperature by pouring water over the hot stones. The procedure causes the body to sweat abundantly, a process that allows the elimination of toxins and cleanses the skin in depth.

What are the benefits?

-eliminate stress
-immunity is increased by oxigenating the body
-prevents musculature problems
-reduces inflammation, respectively muscle fatigue
-contributes to maintaining the health of the heart
-accelerates metabolism
-improves the quality of sleep

Wet sauna

Unlike a dry sauna, the wet sauna is a room built of high humidity ceramic that can reach up to 100%, so the air is dense and low visibility. Through steam, the wet sauna helps reduce congestion, inflammation and cough caused by various respiratory problems. Steam is also recommended for people prone to water retention, having many benefits.

What are the benefits?

-by oxygenating the body helps increase immunity
-reduces asthma attacks
-contributes to muscle relaxation
-reduces tension
-helps the optimal circulation of blood
-eliminate stress
-ensures relaxation and well-being

How to use the sauna properly?

The first step is the shower for hygiene reasons and drying the body with the towel to allow the body to warm up properly. In the dry sauna the heat rises as you go higher. After 8 minutes the body becomes comfortable with the heat and since then it begins to really eliminate the toxins and enjoy the properties of this procedure. The recommended time for beginners is 10-15 minutes and no more. After completing the program it is good to opt for a cold shower that stimulates blood circulation and contributes to the beauty of the skin, at Ana Wellness & SPA we provide Frigidarium dedicated to this step. It is important to consume fluids after a sauna session in order to maintain a balance in the body.